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SEO and business: Why you should interested in Search Engine Optimilization services?

SEO is still a developing branch of digital marketing. Awareness of what is search engine optimization is considerably larger than compared to five years ago. Nowadays, it’s the term that should appear in a dictionary of every company wanting to use the internet for advertising. Find out what you should know about it and learn why is SEO important for your business.

Data-driven attribution is now for everyone and for free.

The data-driven attribution model has so far only been available in the paid version of Google Analytics: version 360. However, for several months as part of the Attribution report, which is still in beta, all Google Analytics users can freely analyze data about their conversions in the data-driven attribution model.

Google Analytics 360 premium vs Google Analytics free version

If you want to use Google Analytics you have two options. You can use the free version, or go mad and for at least $150k annually (invoiced monthly) purchase the Google Analytics 360 premium version.

How many online users visit your stationary points of sale?

Your company is present on the internet. You have a website. You run online advertising activities. You measure everything using Google Analytics or other tools.

13 useful insights on how to better perform as a Car Dealer using Google Analytics

In every industry, the use of data from analytical systems such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics to make business decisions is good practice.

Why going beyond standard analytical implementation can be a game changer

When webmasters implement web analytics, they often limit themselves to inserting ready JavaScript tracking code. This is equivalent to implementing only a basic analytical solution. The main purpose of this article is to inspire you to implement advanced analytical functions.

Why are we still implementing web analytics from the source code level instead of e.g. using Google Tag Manager?

The main purpose of this article is to present the advantages of using a tag manager as opposed to manual implementation and to convert stakeholders who are still using the traditional approach.

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