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If you want customers, current and potential, to learn more about your company, its products and services so you can increase sales – use the content marketing and e-mail marketing services offered by Artegence.

Content marketing - content that evokes emotion

The popularity of media, especially digital, means that brand communication requires the creation of valuable content to build lasting relationships with consumers. Content marketing, understood in this way, is an excellent tool for popularising your brand.

We believe that effectiveness in content marketing can be achieved by combining quality content with SEO optimizations (so-called SEO content marketing). In Artegence we swear by this principle – we offer B2B content marketing, including e-commerce content marketing. How do we execute such projects?

Content development planning

First, we create a content marketing strategy by auditing the internet and traditional communication channels, analysing the activities of the competition, conducting SEO analyses and using the client's communication and marketing strategy. This is an action plan for the preparation and distribution of content that is tailored to the client's business needs and expectations of its customers.


Treści powinny być przygotowane przez ekspertów, w tym redaktorów, copywriterów, fotografów czy grafików z wieloletnim doświadczeniem w obszarach, których dotyczy content. Jako agencja content marketingowa zdajemy sobie z tego sprawę, dlatego zatrudniamy najlepszych specjalistów, którzy mają wiContent should be prepared by experts, including editors, copywriters, photographers or graphic designers with plenty of experience in the content-related areas. As a content marketing agency, we cooperate with the best specialists to create standing-out content for online and offline projects. As a result, audiences receive information and advice that interests them, intrigues, answers their questions and solves problems that need to be solved. edzę za zakresu tworzenia contentu na potrzeby projektów on-line i off-line. W efekcie odbiorcy otrzymują informacje i porady, które ich interesują, intrygują i odpowiadają na nurtujące pytania, a także rozwiązują problemy, które należy rozwiązać.


For a content-driven project to be perceived by its core audience as attractive – one worth returning to – it must not only be engaging, but also be delivered in a cyclical manner. This is also important from a SEO point of view, as search engine robots value updated sites more highly. We match the frequency and number of publications to the project goals and take care of the publication itself.

What kind of content do we offer?

Our actions result in content that – in the spirit of storytelling – captures hearts and inspires minds. This is the best way to reach the user. What kind of content do we offer?
  1. High-quality editorial content for information and advice portals, print magazines, blogs and external media. We are more than fluent in texts designed to promote and drive sales of products and services. We also create content prioritizing usage of SEO phrases.
  2. Podcasts created in cooperation with our clients, available on popular streaming services. These provide listeners with informative content and guides on the hottest and most interesting topics.
  3. Animated guides, explainers and promotional videos.
  4. Video content for social media platforms, websites and TV.
  5. Photo shoots, organised from start to finish by us, to create content for marketing and PR projects.
  6. Social media content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, etc. We provide a comprehensive service for the profiles of companies in various industries.

Comprehensive content service

As a marketing company, we realize that a unified brand experience in all areas affects users' emotions and perception, leading to constant brand development. Therefore, we are able to complement content marketing activities with, among others: o multichannel and omnichannel campaigns, activities conducted with influencers, UX and UI design, web and mobile development, User Experience research and user path design. In this way, a comprehensive offer is created that responds to a number of needs of our customers.

E-mail marketing in the service of sales

Artegence offers not only effective content marketing, but also effective e-mail marketing. Through communication in the form of campaigns and newsletters, we support our clients in achieving their information and sales goals. In doing so, we apply several principles:

Principle I

Tailor the content to the audiences, using personalisation and specific targeting profiles.

Principle II

Tailor the timing of mailings to the audiences, taking advantage of special occasions and the potential of different types of events.

Principle III

Analyse the results, because without drawing conclusions, it is not possible to effectively achieve the goals set for the next campaign.

Always ready for new challenges

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