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How to increase organic traffic

With the incredible development of Google, website owners have gained a new customer acquisition path: organic traffic. Traffic from the Search Engine Results Page currently accounts for nearly half of internet traffic.
In practice, organic traffic sources are primarily the first page of Google results, and as much as 92% of all internet searches are performed on this popular search engine. Throughout the years of Google’s operations, a parallel industry has developed that is able to influence the search results that are generated. This is possible thanks to Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.
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SEO marketing services – why do you need them?

If you are keen to get organic traffic to your website, the only solution is Search Engine Optimization, a constantly developing and changing branch of Digital Marketing. Such optimization is the sum of the actions we take to improve our position on Google websites. The latest Google solutions require our SEO experts to constantly expand their competences. It is thanks to constant development and acquired experience that we are able to continue to provide clients with the results that they demand. Every one of our Search Engine Optimization experts can boast a number of professional successes and knowledge of innovative solutions.

Onsite and offsite SEO

Page optimization can be divided into onsite SEO and offsite SEO. The former is to improve the content of the page and adapt it to the way Google works. This is not limited to the optimization of text on the page; an experienced SEO specialist knows all about technical SEO. Their competences enable them to deal with such problems as inefficient Crawl Budget, duplicate page or lack of appropriate meta tags.
Offsite SEO, on the other hand, involves activities carried out outside our clients' websites, concerned with the developing and optimizing of link profiles. Appropriate diversification and link building will make Google believe that your website deserves a higher position. Our SEO team knows how to create backlinks. We operate exclusively on high-quality backlinks, because we know that it is the best link building strategy.
Our SEO service company will provide you with all possible solutions to broaden the audience of your digital product. In this way, users who are actively looking for the service and products you offer will reach your website.


Many services make use of the opportunity to buy advertising space on the Search Engine Results Page - this is SEM advertising. It works on the principle of Pay per Click - PPC. Its big advantage is that effects are immediate. The effects of SEO campaigns are visible over a longer timeframe; usually the first impact of any action is visible after two or three months. However, SEO activities provide long-term effects of online advertising. Also keep in mind that the paid traffic that SEM provides is limited. A large proportion of Google users rely on organic results resulting from search engine algorithms.
SEO and SEM strategies may vary, but SEO-PPC synergies should also be kept in mind - the better your website is optimized for the desired Keywords, the lower the Google PPC cost will be. This will stem from the improvement of your site's quality score.

SEO Campaigns – how to implement SEO in your field

We have an extensive SEO offer and can improve the visibility of websites over a broad range of industries. Artegence’s professional SEO consultants are ready to take on such projects as:
• SEO for e-commerce websites
• SEO for YouTube and Video
• SEO for business websites
• SEO for apps (app SEO Optimization)
• SEO for automotive, telecom, FMCG and B2B industries
• SEO for banking platforms
• SEO for news websites and media companies
• SEO for start-ups
Many more projects are also possible. Contact us to select the best SEO strategy for your product.
We are aware of the importance of your business. As a mature SEO consulting company, we strive to improve business results. Our goal is not only to provide you with audits and feedback. We will provide you with more users who are interested in your offer. Not many other Search Engine Optimization agencies can provide this business approach.

SEO advertising agency products: SEO audit, Expert Support, keyword research and others

Our SEO Products:

Technical SEO Audit

to detect technical problems that hinder proper page indexing

SEO management and SEO expert support

to implement all necessary changes to onsite SEO

Crawl budget optimalization

we help large websites to shed unnecessary pages that limit SEO effects

Long-term Keywors Strategy

keyword research for well thought-out website development and to avoid page cannibalization


according to the prepared strategy, obtaining links only from trusted publishers

Monthly SEO reports services

to keep our clients informed about what is happening on their websites

SEO-PR synergy

using the power of the brand to obtain specific benefits for SEO

SEO Customer Journey

keyword research for phrases from a previous sales funnel, giving an edge over the competition in lead acquisition.

Results of SEO visibility

Increase search engine optimization to generate multiple benefits. This is not just about website traffic; we build brand recognition through SEO. Thanks to a well thought out content development policy, we enable you to acquire users from earlier stages of the sales funnel.
Appropriate SEO operation can also influence your brand’s PR. The more control we have over the Google results page, the less we leave to chance.
SEO also means creating websites that are more user-friendly The Google doctrine states that the first page of results only features pages that the user will have pleasure using.
We do not apply the guaranteed SEO service policy. Not because we don't believe in our SEO specialists, but because we know that Google has the last word in this industry. It can happen that even this search engine can commit malpractice. This took place in August 2018, when optimized sites suffered for several months. Despite all this, depending on the page size and SEO budget, our clients can count on a 30-60% increase compared to the previous year.

Opting out of SEO – the dangers

Not running Search Engine Optimization is a risky choice. In this way we deprive ourselves of an important source of traffic. In the long run, getting traffic from other sources will not ensure a satisfactory ROI. Only a small percentage of industries present on the web can afford such a lack of visibility on Google.
However, your lack of visibility in Google searches will certainly benefit your competition. Their frequent contact with your target group will allow them to quickly build competitive brands.
Not placing a link profile in the hands of search engine experts may make the site seem suspicious to Google, making the restoring of the site to a satisfactory position even more difficult.
This solution is especially dangerous when migrating your site. Attempting to redesign a website without losing SEO is very difficult. At this point, support from a search engine optimization specialist is crucial.

Why us? Our pillars


Clear information on what will be done and when, as well as what SEO funds are spent on.

Focus on your profit

Our many years of experience lend weight to our business approach.

White Hat SEO

As the only way to achieve no risk SEO

Outsourcing SEO in Poland

A great solution for those seeking an affordable search engine optimization company.

We are an SEO web design company

We are able to offer synergies with product design and development services.

Artegence, based in Warsaw, has been operating since 1995. Our offer includes not only SEO services, but also other services in the field of Digital Marketing, Creation and Content Marketing. You will find a list of all our services on this page.

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