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Social media marketing at Artegence, or how can we help?

Properly executed marketing strategy has a key impact on how your brand is perceived by its customers. Social media provide many opportunities to present yourself at your best – from product promotion to quality service. At Artegence, we have experience in comprehensively managing social media for brands in a variety of industries. Find out what we can do for your business.


Social media marketing requires a thoughtful approach and consistency. That is why we will create a communication strategy for you based on research, findings, and the experience of our team. Combined, the strategic direction will be a guideline on providing you with the best possible social media service.


Artegence's creative department is responsible for planning and designing the content - from posts on Facebook and YouTube videos to virals on Tik Tok. When creating content for our clients, the most important thing for us is to match the channel to the target group and to develop content that we ourselves would like to see. The skills of our graphic and motion designers allow us to offer static creations, animations, 3D, and plenty more. All tailored to your needs and, above all, engaging.


Running social media would not be possible without a moderation team. These are the people who build the community of fans of your brand by stimulating interest and active dialogue with users. We believe that social media in Poland is first and foremost a place for people and their communities, where brands make guest appearances. This approach allows us to fit into the language and culture of user communication in each social channel. By being able to talk to our fans, we strengthen relationships and make our client’s brand be perceived as a love brand.

Campaigns and advertising

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok – we feel at home in all. We launch marketing and advertising activities for our clients there and use the full potential of each channel. We are experienced in both short sales campaigns and long-term branding activities.

Social media crisis management

Anyone can write whatever they want on social media. The agency is there to take care of its client's good name and react to any crises in a timely manner. Artegence implements procedures in place to deal with such incidents. Knowing client and their needs, we can anticipate risks and try to avoid them. Good preparation shortens the reaction time, and this is fundamental in crisis management.

Analysis of results and optimisation

Flexibility is the key. The KPIs we agree on with the client are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Thanks to the regular analyses and reports we will provide you with, we can monitor the effectiveness of the campaign and adjust actions (including the media budget) according to the results.

Online brand monitoring

A brand's online presence does not end with social media profiles. Users can write about your brand in forums, blog articles, literally anywhere. Most importantly, thanks to the monitoring we implement, we will know about it ASAP. This allows us to assess your brand image even better.

Your social media agency. What can we expect of each other?

The more information about a new client we get at the start, the better. All kicks-off with a brief and identifying your brand needs to get to know and understand each other well. Trust us, this approach results in an effective and successful collaboration. Even if we are contracted to develop a one-off social media ad, we need to understand the brand and target audience first – and the client is usually the best expert on the matter.

You can expect the service of a dedicated Artegence team. We always designate your personal point of contact and, if the project benefits from it, we involve a strategist. Everything is managed by our social media manager, and our moderators (also available at weekends) are in touch with the followers of your brand profiles. What sets us apart from other marketing agencies in Warsaw is our potential for comprehensive in-house projects – we can provide your brand's social media with creative development and media support.

Social media marketing in practice - what our cooperation process looks like?

Step 1.

Step 1.

You provide us with a brief – we get to know the basics about your business and its needs.

Step 2.

Step 2.

Research. We dig deeper into the topic, analyse the possibilities.

Step 3.

Step 3.

Findings and desired outcomes of our cooperation are discussed on a meeting. At this stage we also iron out the details about the brief.

Step 4.

Step 4.

We come back with a tailored communication strategy and a developed action plan. You are presented with first creative directions so that you can easily envisage the final work.

Step 5.

Step 5.

Once the plan and directions have been approved, we begin our daily, regular collaboration. One person from Artegence is in contact with you and the rest of the team works on the implementation of the brief.

Is a social media agency necessary for your brand?

At Artegence, we believe that social media marketing is a must for every brand. After all, 'if you're not on Facebook, it means you don't exist'. Social channels have become a part of our lives and often the first way to connect with friends, family, and brands as well. This is why it is so important to build a community with your fans through quality moderation and engaging content. A social media presence guarantees you: image building, strengthening customer relationships and loyalty, raising awareness of your brand's products, and driving sales.

Permanent cooperation with a single agency that knows your product and target group well also allows you to avoid crises and wisely manage the flow of information online. With this kind of service, you know that you are not losing customers through a lack of communication on social media.

Choose Artegence

We are a social media agency from Warsaw with many years of experience working with clients from various industries.

  • · Pepsi – handled the brand comprehensively across all SoMe channels on an ongoing basis.
  • · Oriflame – created a new tutorial channel on YouTube and managed daily communication on Facebook and Instagram.
  • · Volkswagen Home – helped launch the brand on the Polish market with its first branded content campaign in social media.
  • · PKO Bank Polski – social media communication as a part of our 360 campaigns.
  • · Expander – social media campaigns and ongoing communication.

All this is possible thanks to our in-house experts. A cohesive team under one roof is the key to success for us and our clients. Send us your brief, because at Artegence – we get it done!
Our social media projects

O!Pięknie z Oriflame

We ran the Oriflame’s social media communications for two years and comprehensively managed their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels. See how much we have achieved together during this beautiful adventure.

Influencer campaigns?
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Influencer marketing is much more than just picking up the creators. It's marketing based on transparency, understanding of needs and a specific goal. We focus on quality content that stems from an individual scenario and idea.

You get the full package: from the selection of influencers to the implementation of the campaign and detailed measurement of the effects and reporting.

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