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Our role
  • UX & UI design
  • Product design
  • Development & technologies

How we established Play’s digital supremacy

What was the project’s background?

For telecoms, digital channels were traditionally marginalised. Today, customers expect premium service in these channels. Wireless market in Poland was already heavily saturated (92 % of poles have a cellphone service), so digital UX became the key to acquiring and retenting customers

Digital supremacy

became a strategic goal for Play – 2nd largest telecom in Poland.

What was the challenge?

We had to develop ecommerce and self-care channels that would become a preferred choice amongst digital customers.

Project image

What were our deliverables?

  • e‑commerce solution

    Tailor-made e‑commerce solution with phones and plans recommendations based on user’s past behaviors.

  • all channels synchronization

    Providing users with full capability, regardless of the channel they use (mobile vs web). All channels sing the same tune.

  • design & development

    Concept, UIUX, GUI, front-end development and implementation

  • 9 months

    to finish the project

Let’s talk about the effects

  • All channels sing the same tune

    We provided the customers with cross-channel consistency. A brand should speak one voice, regardless of the channel, so we designed a flexible system that provides the same level of service across different devices.

    Project image
  • Show the goods first ask questions second

    Telcos used to ask the customer status (new or returning) before showing the wares. We changed the order and allowed the customer to explore our offer first. We have also set the industry standard for lean, un-bloated navigation (other Polish telcos followed suit).

    Project image
  • Family plan – complete offer available online

    Family plans are the most complex offers in telecom roster. They are also the future of the industry (most popular offers there are). We designed the first fully online buying process for family plans and made it simple as it can be for the shoppers. There’s zero learning curve to buy a family plan if you ever bought a regular one.

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