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Oriflame, one of the world’s leading beauty brands, has now been operating its direct sales on the Polish market for almost three decades. Now, the time has come for Oriflame to begin a new chapter – to open its official e-store.

Beautiful the way I want to be

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What was the challenge?

The e-store had to be communicated within Oriflame’s new global positioning – Beautiful the Way I Want to Be; or, in Poland, Piękna tak jak chcę. We wanted Polish women to know that beauty is not standardized and that no matter what they do in life, they can be and feel beautiful – the way they want to be.

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What was our idea?

Together with Oriflame we came up with the idea of the Piękna tak jak chcę YouTube channel, dedicated to beauty tutorials. The videos are hosted by a group of Oriflame experts.

The heroines

Each episode has its own female guest, “the heroine”, and these women represent different roles: mothers, businesswomen, dancers, boxers, etc. The host-heroine duos reflect Oriflame consultant-customer relations known from the brand’s offline world.

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The topics

The topics of the tutorials were inspired by the heroines’ real-life needs and the hottest beauty trends on YouTube. We taught women how to do “for work” make-up and “no make-up” make-up, how to take care of mature skin and how to take care of yourself after giving birth.


Since we launched the Piękna tak jak chcę channel in May 2018, we have released around 40 videos, which were viewed nearly one and half a million times. The tutorials link to the e-store very effectively, generating over PLN 260 000 income in the first four months (which is actually 13 times more than in the same period of 2017).


All in all, we made Piękna tak jak chcę perform and look beautiful – the way Oriflame wanted it to be.

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