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Bitwa o Neta - The biggest bank in Poland educates through games

The campaign had to address the question of how to effectively convince the youth to learn the basics of cybersecurity? He had to find a way that will fit right in into their lifestyles and hobbies.
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What was the idea?

We created a mobile game, Bitwa o Neta (The Battle for the Web), published on Facebook’s Instant Games platform (formerly also available via Messenger). Players become Adepts of the Cybersecurity Academy to prepare themselves for a fight against Cyberevil. All to save the internet.
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NWe didn’t want to clash with the full-fledged, “big” games that primarily consume the time of the target group. Instead, we opted for simple, yet addictive, microgames – ideally suited for a few minutes long periods of boredom. Each microgame tests the reflexes and quick thinking of the players while explaining the most common forms of cyber dangers and instructing on how to avoid them. Small project image Small project image Small project image
  • Wkład merytoryczny

    Insights and knowledge, like hackers’ methods, social hacking examples and proper behaviour on the internet, were provided by the cybersecurity experts of PKO Bank Polski.

  • Storytelling

    The storytelling, visuals oozing with colours and an unorthodox approach to the cybersecurity distinguished Bitwa o Neta not only from the other forms of educational content on this topic. The game stood out also from the other games available on Instant Games. Launching the game on this platform gave instant access to it to everyone who has the Facebook/Messenger on their phone – without additional installations and logins.

Campaign results

The link leading to the game was clicked by 21,106 players, SM posts about Bitwa o Neta reached an engagement level of almost 170 000 interested, and the video ad about Bitwa o Neta reached 1 873 848 views. Thanks to that, almost six million people get to know about Bitwa o Neta! Great results were awarded two silvers on Mixx Awards Europe 2020 – in Non-Profit/Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Media categories.

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