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Search for missing Pepsi on Messenger

Our goal was to create a Pepsi holiday campaign that would intrigue with content and innovative messaging, reach and engage the 16-34 age group, and contribute to positive brand perception.
Zdjęcie promocyjny kampanię Pepsi

What was the idea?

„Often, the best food disappears from the fridge before Christmas”.
That's why Pepsi disappeared and together with internet users we started the search for the missing Pepsi!


In the YT spot, our elves were preparing a Christmas party and, just to be sure, checked the contents of the Pepsi trunk ice box, which was supposed to contain a supply of the drink for the entire Christmas. But when they opened it, instead of blue cans, they found only ice. The cry of „What, that Pepsi was for Christmas!” was the prelude to the chatbot's search for the lost Pepsi.

Facebook Chatbot and Stories with Elves

For the first time, we used the chatbot on Pepsi Poland's Messenger and created special video content for it - in the form of stories about elves from the fateful day. After watching them, users decided whether a particular elf drank Pepsi or someone else. In addition, the chatbot provided participants with valuable clues that it was not an elf, but an influencer!


We uploaded the reveal spot to a chatbot and YouTube, and that's how we revealed who was really behind the disappearance of the cans. It turned out that Jessica Mercedes with a team of her real friends - Jakob Kosel, Mariusz Mac and Julia Dyzio - had a hand in it. We introduced the macroinfluencer to the brand world, with a wink and in an authentic way.


Digital storytelling with dedicated video content, an innovative tool (chatbot), and an authentic team of influencers all played well on social media and translated into results, including a nearly 5% increase in positive brand sentiment!

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