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Celebration of the 100th anniversary of PKO Bank Polski

We wanted to celebrate the 100th anniversary of PKO Bank Polski in a prestigious way, befitting the occasion. We designed a webpage and created a printed album entitled "Sto lat śmiałych decyzji" of PKO Bank Polski. Both consistently summarize the 100 years of the bank, in a unique style.
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What was the challenge?

The bank asked us to present events, facts, people, places, undertakings, and decisions that make up the history of the 100th anniversary.100 years of many bold and unprecedented decisions and far-reaching insights, going beyond the prevailing moods and trends. The challenge was to find contemporary, innovative visual form to present this.

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Every event from the bank's history was treated individually and required a different design approach both in print and web form


The website recorded almost 900,000 inputs, generated by 735 thousand users in 2.5 months
The age range of visitors was very wide (18-65 years), which is not typical for such projects and internet demographics
The bounce rate was very low – it was only 0.84 percent
The average number of pages per session was 2.56


Each event from the bank's history was treated individually and so designed, in a coherent style both on the website and in the album. We created a unique image of the last century of PKO Bank Polski.

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