ATL | BTL | Digital - for us, these divisions have long since ceased to exist. We develop broad and therefore touchpoint-neutral creative ideas. The kind that can be easily translated to all possible consumer touch points today and in the future.

Our creation is one big nonstandard

We take a unique approach to every project. The key words that open many doors and unleash creativity are ideas and platforms. We create them for well-known and new brands. We look for clear but brilliant messages, in line with the strategic direction set.

How do we work?

The creative process begins with a creative brief from the strategy department. From the start of a new project, we work closely with Artegence's strategists. We start together, work in teams, groups, individually - depending on the nature of the project and the creative's preferences. The product of this work is the initial creative ideas, which we discuss in internal meetings with the creative director and select those to be developed further. We then jointly present the strategy and best ideas to the client. The next stage, before moving on to execution, is often concept research with focus groups to determine which of the final ideas will be implemented. Each stage of the process involves the creative teams responsible for their ideas. The next stage is the production of creative materials, followed by their publication or broadcast.

A team of dedicated, talented, open-minded creatives - copywriters, art directors, graphic designers - change the brands we work with for the better every day.

We are meticulous, careful or thorough - even though these 3 words mean almost the same thing, we see the difference. We look at images more carefully, we choose words more carefully.

Make a TVC spot, video for the Internet or photo shoots with us!

We write scripts for TVC spots and videos for the Internet, which are most often an execution of a broader creative idea. Our ideas have resulted in spots for brands such as PKO Bank Polski, Pepsi, Orlen, Gratka, Agora, PMI. We are present at the stage - creative, pre-production, production during the shoot or photo session, and post-production (offline, online, collab) - that is, from the first ideas we come together until the final submission of files to the station or uploading them to platforms.

Let's make a great project together

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