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Principles of Risk Management and Insurtech

Insurtech companies changed the industry. For the first time in history buying an insurance policy might be an experience people would like to share. With a digital mindset and new technologies on their side, insurtech wizz kids challenge the existing order and pass on their understanding of the insurance idea to the young generations.

Future technology predictions: interfaces move towards multimodal and subconscious

The main force that drives progress in the interface space is reducing the burden of manipulating reality (AKA interaction cost). We see three long-term UX trends that contribute to reducing […]

ISTQB certification for novices and experienced testers – is it worth it?

Gaining employment in the IT industry has been a temptation for some time, not only because of high earnings, but also because of the stability of employment and the ever-increasing demand for workers in this growing sector. It is these very same aspects that make the profession of software tester more and more attractive.

Mobile apps in the service of mental health

According to experts in mass media, one of the main impacts that COVID-19 pandemic will have on societies around the world will be growth of anxiety and other mental health problems. The World Health Organization implemented a special initiative for mental health 2019-2023 for 12 countries. However, now in pandemic times, mental health is important in every society, not only in poorer countries. In this situation, technology can hold the key to protecting mental health. Can mobile applications help us manage our moods in times of isolation? Can they give sufficient support when dealing with fear of uncertainty of the future? If the answer is “yes” then what kinds of tools should get our attention in terms of providing good user experience?

What is PHP used for? How can we use it in a project?

If you spend any time at all on the web, you have experienced the use of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). But, if you have never had to dig in behind the scenes of websites that use it, you may be asking the question, "What is PHP and why it is used?" PHP is an open-source server-side programming language that is used for millions web application. It was initially developed in 1994 by programmer Rasmus Lerdorf.

Developing design system – patterns

? When it comes to large, widely-used systems it is generally a good idea to separate things. It's easier to maintain only one piece rather than the whole. One of the first thoughts should be the design system for your application. Why? Even if you are the creator, it's extremely hard to remember all of the variants and specific usage of each component. On the other hand, if you are joining an existing project, you can focus on your main task without wondering if you should create another component or just extend an existing one.

Outsourcing Software Development

Outsourcing software development is not a new idea, but it has undoubtedly become more popular. The benefits of outsourcing used to be seen solely in terms of finances. Budgetary concerns remain a primary reason some firms go this route. However, many companies are discovering additional and vital reasons to look at software outsourcing.

Guava cache vs Caffeine

While projects are in the process of being created there are many problems that need to be solved. Time optimization is one of them. There is always a need to load data from one or multiple sources and transform it in some way, be it a file system, database or another system. But sometimes loading data takes a lot of time. Multiple loading of such data is unacceptable. To fix this, caches were created.

Artegence and Efigence boost clients’ digital environment with Magnolia CMS on a platinum level

Companies from the Efigence Group specializing in design-driven development services for all industries and off-the-shelf products for financial services, like EFI4 Digital Banking Platform, became Platinum Partners of the leading content management provider Magnolia. This is the highest-ranking category in the company’s Partner program reserved for a select few premium brands. It means that Artegence and Efigence are fully skilled, experienced partners with an impressive number of successful Magnolia based projects in their portfolios.

Why is immutability so important in React?

This article is for people who have some grasp of JavaScript and are working with React. It doesn’t only include junior developers beginning to sail in a lake of props and state, but also applies to senior developers who started a long time ago, who are perfect sailors but they haven’t got time to step onto dry land and check out new boats.

The Future Of Frontend Frameworks

Frontend technologies have always been evolving and changing. From creating webpages based almost entirely on tables we moved to complex, responsive single-page applications.

Building WebComponents for third-party sites using React, Typescript, Webpack and Element Queries

Web components are a set of browser features promised to be a modern solution for encapsulating HTML fragments into custom HTML elements.

Some facts about the job in the IT industry.

Every now and then an article appears on the Internet describing the situation in the IT industry. Reading such articles, I wonder if the author has any kind of contact with this industry? Reading further only suggests a negative answer.

Painless Changelog

Everybody needs to add information about their work to the library’s changelog.

Orchestration: the machines can do the work

More and more applications are deployed in the microservice architecture, in which each service has single responsibility in the system. In addition, the system is characterized by a heterogeneous environment: it may be composed of back-end applications, file servers, static data servers, databases, NoSQL bases, messaging systems, or queue brokers.

Struggles and victories of the everyday work of a data scientist

A survey conducted by CrowdFlower showed that data preparation accounts for about 80% of the work of data scientists. I would say that figure should be even higher.

Five little tips to improve your meeting contact report skills

Meetings have a bad reputation. In fact, in some organizations, it’s synonymous to wasting your time. But things can get even worse if you’re the one responsible for preparing contact report afterward.

Is it a source of shame to be a PHP developer?

Some people say that PHP is not a good programming language. They also say that being a PHP developer is a source of shame. I can’t agree with that. Why?

Design combined with technology: what are the latest trends?

One of the hottest topics was that of conversational interfaces, voice interfaces, and chatbots.

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