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User research methods in times of crisis

Individual face-to-face in-depth interviews, in the UX laboratory with a one-way mirror, used to be a dream for all UX researchers. But in the first quarter of 2020, we woke up in the new reality that each of us must get used to. We must forget about face-to-face UX tests for some time, for the sake of the respondents’ and our close colleagues’ health. And you know what? Based on our case study, we can tell that it’s possible to transform the laboratory test into a 100% remote test. We now think that remote testing is even better than laboratory testing. We want to share with you our conclusions from remote UX research case studies, as well as our know-how. We will also give you some tips for an online interview, tell you how to conduct user research remotely and suggest some online interview software.

Top Skills for a UX Designer

As a person starting in UX, you may be asking yourself, “what skills do I need to be a UX designer?” Apart from the obvious technical UX skills such as wireframing, prototyping, and the basics of HTML and CSS, all of which you can learn during UX and coding courses, there are many less obvious competencies that are also required on a UX resume and can make a good designer into a great one. Here is a list of a few core UX design skills and how to develop them.

Mobile apps in the service of mental health

According to experts in mass media, one of the main impacts that COVID-19 pandemic will have on societies around the world will be growth of anxiety and other mental health problems. The World Health Organization implemented a special initiative for mental health 2019-2023 for 12 countries. However, now in pandemic times, mental health is important in every society, not only in poorer countries. In this situation, technology can hold the key to protecting mental health. Can mobile applications help us manage our moods in times of isolation? Can they give sufficient support when dealing with fear of uncertainty of the future? If the answer is “yes” then what kinds of tools should get our attention in terms of providing good user experience?

The Best UX Tools for Different Process Stages

From research to wireframing and from prototyping to client handoff, it is essential to have the right UX tools for every type of team and every stage of the process. Whether you are working with a small group of just a few designers and developers or with multiple teams on both sides of the project, these tools need to fit with the way you work and allow flawless collaboration throughout the process. You will need access to the right wireframe tools, prototyping tools, web design tools, and other applications to get the job done.

How to Develop an App: Understanding the Development Process

If your company is getting ready to create an app or make a significant upgrade to something you already have, it is best to begin with a basic understanding of the application development life cycle. While you are likely to count on a development firm or team to develop the app, it will be up to you to oversee the entire process and ensure that things go as planned. Experts along the way will take care of details in their area of specialization. However, a general overview will give you the confidence to choose the right people for the job and ensure the launch of your app is a success.

UX Researcher’s checklist – what to check so your research session goes smoothly

Organizing UX research sessions may, at first glance, seem to be quite a straightforward affair. Yet if we want to do it really well, weighing up all possible risks, then the whole thing gets rather more complicated. This applies particularly to research organized as a service for an external client. In this case, we are chiefly responsible for the elimination of risks.

How to implement a UX research cycle in a time-framed project

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