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Volkswagen – readily available

It is not a secret that Volkswagen’s main goal is to sell cars. Which obviously means that lead generation and sales are also the most important objective for Artegence!

How do we achieve this? Through the analysis of statistical data, user behaviour on the website and optimisation of Digital Consumer Journey – meaning designing the paths and solutions on their way to purchase a car. All this is done to find the most important touchpoints in the ecosystem of the brand in terms of conversion (leaving a lead) and to develop them in such a way as to fully embrace their potential.

Volkswagen, I choose you.

Having a look at Volkswagen’s inventory from the comfort of one’s home was available since the second half of 2017. Already at that time, the brand implemented a tool in the configurator on the website that prompts what cars of the selected, or close to the selected, builds are currently available at dealerships.

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(…yes, exactly you!)

After we kicked off the cooperation with Volkswagen, we quickly agreed that the car search engine had very high potential. Not only does it generate a large number of leads, but it also actually sells cars. We decided to take a look under its hood and start developing a new version.

Analysis, analysis, and even more analysis

We started with the "Discovery" phase, which is by far the most important phase of creating a new product. This is the time when we look at everything and anything that has any impact on the functioning of the tool and everyone who uses or could use it.

The first step was a comprehensive analysis of the existing search engine, combined with collecting feedback and user needs. We put ourselves, one by one, in the place of each entity in the brand ecosystem and defined solutions that would allow these entities to optimize their operations once the new version of the search engine for off-the-shelf cars was available to them.

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The consumer perspective

Users are the most important source of insights. It is for them that we design pages and tools. That is why we started the Discovery phase by gathering feedback on the existing search engine. All our assumptions were confirmed, which resulted in the implementation of the following functionalities:

- Making it easier to find your dream car by filtering and sorting the results.

- Providing very detailed information about the equipment of vehicles.

- Suggesting similar cars when no 100% matching result could be found.

The brand perspective and a complex offer

You might think that there is nothing complicated about presenting readily available cars offer - after all, each has its configuration and its price. Quite contrary. The price of a car can depend on the discount, which then can vary depending on the equipment version, engine capacity and type, year of production, model year or even the week in which the car was manufactured. We had to develop a flexible system that could assign discounts exactly as the offer was constructed. Sometimes even at the level of one particular car.

We also wanted to provide the client with an authoritative source of knowledge about their consumers, so we implemented advanced Google and Adobe Analytics tracking to understand consumer preferences and provide inspiration for optimizing DCJ and creating new offers and campaigns.

The agency perspective

We get it done... optimally! Considering the agency perspective which is, or will be, operating and updating the tool sometimes in the future seems... it sometimes seems to be of little importance to clients. After all, it will be in the fee. ;) Fortunately, Volkswagen also follows the rule work smart, not hard and that is why we resigned from solutions that are very time-consuming or complicated (giving the possibility of an easy mistake) in the current operation already at the analysis and design stage.

The „other entities in the brand’s ecosystem” perspective

Who is already using, or could be using, the tool we are designing? We have defined these entities into 3 areas - Dealers, Social Media and Media Campaigns. It is for them that we have prepared, among other things, dynamic URLs, and a public API.

Dynamic URLs, which change depending on the selected filters, allow you – for example – to creatively create content for social media. We can present all red Golfs, all cars up to 60,000 PLN or the entire offer in the Pomeranian Voivodship! In the same way, dealers can present only cars from their showroom, and a banner campaign can be targeted in a very precise way – e.g., only to users from a specific city who are interested in SUVs.

By providing an API (a system that can be queried for the status and details of cars), remarketing banners present exactly the Volkswagen units that the user has previously viewed. This gives the possibility to use Adform, Google or Facebook tools to precisely reach interested users.

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After the "Discovery" phase and creating a backlog of functionalities, we already had an idea of the product we wanted to deliver. It was time for prototyping and production. The first mock-ups were tested during qualitative in-depth research and scored 5/5 stars!

After the research was done, there was "only" full UI, programming and testing left to do ;). Do you want to learn more? Feel free to contact us!

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We are already achieving a 15% higher purchase ratio than in the previous version of the tool. Additionally, most of the sales coming from the Internet are made after leaving a lead in the search engine. As many as 25% of users keep coming back to the site looking for their perfect car.

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