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Volkswagen Home - an innovative concept for selling cars

Volkswagen Home is a meeting place with the automotive industry, where you can get to know the full range offered by the Volkswagen brand. This is a venture created by motoring enthusiasts, addressed to people with a similar fascination and to those who are looking for this automotive passion to be ignited. With Volkswagen Home, you can make friends with your car and start your long journey of adventure.

Every year more and more new cars are sold in Poland, and Volkswagen is one of the market leaders. Despite this, the cost of acquiring a new customer and a new lead is very high, and the increase in demand is largely based on permanent price promotion. Dealerships are mainly seen as places where the price of cars is negotiated, with the assumption of receiving an attractive discount at the beginning of the discussion.

What was the background?

Volkswagen Group Polska, working together with strategic partners, has created a place to sell cars, while changing the whole perception of car buying, going from a negotiating duel between salesman and buyer to an approach that jointly meets the needs of each party. The name "Volkswagen Home" underlines the close contact with the brand above and beyond that found in the dealership network.

What was the challenge?

Artegence's task was to design a long-term marketing strategy for Volkswagen Home and to execute that strategy. It involved building awareness in such ways:

building awareness of the new form of purchasing Volkswagen automobiles for the residents of Warsaw and the surrounding area
building a new approach to buying a car in the digital world
providing qualitative leads

What did we do?

We created a website presenting Volkswagen Home as a new place in the center of Warsaw, where the hosts, who are passionate about the automotive industry, talk about Volkswagen models, carefully listen to the expectations of customers, offer test drives at various times of the day (even evenings and at the weekend) and present each model along with its financing.

These hosts act as are guides introducing the customer to the automotive world or deepening their knowledge, devoting much more time to the future owner of the new Volkswagen than in a traditional car showroom.

The Volkswagen Home website presents a unique approach to the customer, encouraging the leaving of leads, signing up for a test drive and visiting a friendly neighborhood place.


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