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The family in action

Having the entire family's accounts at one bank creates a synergy that offers more opportunities and convenience for all family members. Together with our client, we decided to capture this in our campaign. And we did it with Karol's phone.

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A hut full of accounts

Our goal was to present the Bank as a modern banking institution for the whole family with a full range of personal accounts - PKO Konta Dziecka (up to 13 years), PKO Konta Pierwszy (13-18 years) and PKO Konta za Zero (for adults, in this case parents). If anyone, anyone.

The Spot

In a spot inspired by a daily vlog, we talked about the offer of accounts tailored to the needs of everyone, including the youngest member of the family

The video was narrated by Karol10, who, during a walk through his house, showed how capable his family is when it comes to banking. As he introduced his family members one by one, he indirectly demonstrated the benefits of the synergy of having an account with PKO Bank Polski. The rest was rounded off by Odbank dinners.

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    Kontowe is the new pocket money

    Karol had a PKO Kids account with his own card and the PKO Junior app. (Disclaimer: The account was set up by his father).

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    Klaudia, you're doing great, sweetie

    Klaudia (Karol's sister) was able to order parcels from abroad and pay in foreign currency thanks to the PKO Pierwszy account.

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    Everything stays in the family

    Parents together with PKO Konto za Zero made transfers using BLIK or voice assistant.

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    Dog’s bonus!

    It's not over yet! The fifth - informal - member of the family, the dog Bilon, also had his own spot

Halko, IKO?

In addition to targeted TV, our spot also appeared on YouTube. It was accompanied by 5 bumpers in which we showed how the bank can make life even easier for our heroes in everyday situations.

*Land can be given to a neighbor, for example, by voice vote.

*Pocket money can be transferred directly to a virtual piggy bank in the PKO Junior app.

*Allow your teenager to pay for his or her own purchases, e.g. with a mobile phone.

*You can remind yourself of your child's pocket money during a coffee break, for example

*You can also take advantage of the promotion and receive funds to spend at Allegro.

The campaign was also supported by a series of social media assets - on Facebook, Instagram and TikToku.


Bye bye piggy!

Family campaign was also supported by parenting influencers who raised the topic of their children's financial education and invited their audiences to discuss it. The campaign culminated in a contest for entire families to show how they were saying goodbye to the traditional piggy bank. This way, they could create virtual piggy banks in the PKO Junior app with a clear conscience. We rewarded them with vouchers for a board shop.

It all came together brilliantly, and the moral is one: The family in action

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