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SEO activities for Alior Bank's currency exchange office

Alior Bank's Online Currency Exchange allows you to easily exchange currencies at any time. Together with the client, we decided to take SEO actions that will increase website traffic and improve search engine positioning.

How did we do it?

After analyzing the traffic sources on the Kantor Walutowy website, we knew that in our activities we had to focus on building non-brand traffic, i.e. traffic coming from Google searches in which the user did not refer to the Alior Bank brand. In this way, we have opened up to a completely new channel of customer acquisition.


Technical SEO audit
SEO Content Strategy
SEO content creation
Analysis and reports

First, a technical SEO audit

Analyzing the technological condition of the portal is the first step in working to increase the brand's visibility in the search engine. Based on it, we were able to define what technical solutions may prove to be a barrier to building the portal's organic visibility and how we can adapt the portal's code to the preferences of Google robots.
Project asset image
Project asset image

SEO Content Strategy

Our SEO specialists have analyzed all the contexts in which potential customers of Kantor Walutowy search for information on currency exchange on Google. As a result, an extensive strategy was created with a precise division of all valuable key phrases into individual subpages of our client's portal. We have defined 1,200 different key phrases for which it is worth positioning the Alior Bank Foreign Exchange Kantor.

In our SEO Content Strategy, it was crucial to outline a plan for a significant change in the existing portal architecture. Thanks to it, the portal was supposed to be able to appear in response to competitive queries. That's why we created...

Currency subpages

For each of the available currencies, a separate subpage was created with ready-made components - a total of 21 completely new places on the website. The content of the subpages was prepared by Artegence editorial staff with a clear emphasis on optimizing them for SEO. Thanks to this, users could find us by checking the exchange rate of any currency on Google.
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Currency website (CHF) of the Currency Exchange Office (

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Travelers, take a look at our guides page

By the end of February 2024, we also created 18 guide contents that helped us reach users who potentially need a currency exchange office in the future. The entries concerned topics such as tourist attractions in foreign cities, advice on renting a car abroad, or remote work outside Poland. By building an early sales funnel, we reached a completely new group of recipients who may be interested in the services of Alior Bank's Currency Exchange Office.

Linkbuilding, i.e. building the authority of the portal

We made sure that the portal built its trust through lead appeals from other portals. Bank domains may enjoy high trust from Google's algorithms, but they should also carefully monitor how other portals refer to their positioned subpages. Thanks to our activities, we managed to optimize the share of individual types of "anchors" (texts under which there are links to the Kantor Walutowy domain) and the distribution of external links between individual subpages of the positioned portal. Thanks to link building activities, we managed to highlight some of the website's subpages, who needed this type of reinforcement the most.
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Project asset image

[Our sample SEO report in Looker Studio (based on database)]

Data-driven approach

We report our work on an ongoing basis in Looker Studio and subject it to constant analysis. During the entire process, we also closely monitored the business effectiveness of the new currency websites, paying attention not only to their positioning, but also on UX (User Experience) solutions.

Effects, i.e. effective SEO pays off

  • The strategy of creating subpages for each currency brought great results. Alior Bank's currency exchange office appears in the quick answer box panel after entering queries such as "Hungarian currency". This proves that the content published on currency subpages is so trusted by Google that the search engine itself uses it to present shortened definitions to users.
  • On June 1, 2023, the Kantor Walutowy portal was visible under 818 different key phrases on the first page of Google results. Currently (as of March 2024) it appears on the first page for 5,900 different queries. Project asset image
  • Portal on the first page of Google results according to the Ahrefs tool.

The main goal of our activities

This means that the increase in non-brand traffic was not only achieved, but its results exceeded our expectations. In the period 06.2023-02.2024 this segment online traffic increased by as much as 630% compared to last year.
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