User Experience Research

We conduct quantitative and qualitative research at Artegence to get to know our users & deliver products which meet our clients’ requirements.

How do we run research at Artegence?

The goal of the research is to learn about users' behavior and experiences, and how they interact with the interface. These tests usually concern the functionality and appearance of the product – not only the website or application, but they can also check user habits in a specific area.

As a result

We eliminate errors, minimize risk, maximize profits, identify problems, make the product intuitive and useful, increase the chance that the product will meet the needs and expectations of users and we confirm more or less certain hypotheses, which can be crucial when making design decisions.

Qualitative research

Enables answering of the questions "how?" and "why?", identifies usability issues
A combination of methods such as usability tests, in-depth interviews, and projection techniques - the choice depends on the specifics and objectives of the study. Usually live, with the participation of a moderator - a UX research specialist
The conclusions of such studies are not subject to statistical analysis
Qualitative techniques: in-depth interviews, projection techniques, focus, usability tests, exploration, emotion evaluation, sorting cards, questionnaires and others.

Qualitative interview schedule

How we do it in Artegence


Meeting with the client

Before the research

We define research problems
We define the recruitment criteria
We recruit respondents
We prepare a research scenario
We create mock-ups and a prototype

Research time

Every participant signs a consent form and an NDA
We conduct the survey
We conduct observations
One research session – max 1.5 hours
Max 5-6 sessions throughout the day

After the test


Quantitative research

Quantitative research enables answering of the questions "how much?" Or "how often?"
We also conduct quantitative research, which is usually carried out on larger samples (more than 100 people). Tests are performed remotely, without the participation of a moderator
In this way, we learn the opinions and frequency of certain behaviors
For a full picture, we recommend a combination of quantitative research results and qualitative data
Quantitative techniques: usability tests, statistics analysis, A/B tests, opinion polls and more

Our research tools

We have our own UX Research Studio, where we use:

Computers and smartphones

with professional recording & transmitting software, e.g. Morae Recorder, Zoom

Professional cameras and microphones

for recording the interview with detail such as facial expressions and finger movements

Clickable prototypes

e.g. Axure, Sketch, AnimaApp and others

A one-way mirror

which allows our clients to to observe the interview

We did research for

BNP Paribas, Agora, Janssen, Wienerberger, Volkswagen, Seat and mBank
case study

We did Qualitative research research for Wysokie Obcasy

see case study

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