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Wysokie Obcasy

Wysokie Obcasy (High Heels) is a weekly magazine related to Gazeta Wyborcza – one of Poland’s leading newspapers. It’s a well-established brand on its own. The magazine’s popularity comes from its unique style and willingness to touch difficult, but important, topics.
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What was the challenge? used the layout, design and UX solutions of and gave an impression that it was just another category – not another portal with its own goals and unique content. To finally highlight the independence and content quality of the portal had to get a redesign.

What did we want to achieve with the redesign?

Brand recognition

Create and independent design of and boost its recognition among internet users. Till now, it could not match the popularity of its paper “relatives” – Wysokie Obcasy and Wysokie Obcasy Extra.

First-choice in a category

Help become an everyday first-choice portal for all ambitious and aspiring women, where they can frequently come back for a new content.

New users

Attract a new generation of readers – also younger, who need to be tempted by nicely designed, modern looking and delightfully served content.

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What we got done? now use a fresh and modern layout that is reminiscent of a magazine – it begins with a sticked article that serves purpose analogical to a front cover. Only the right column is scrollable, and that’s where we can find the most commonly changing content. Visually, we wanted it to be minimalistic and elegant, but also distinctive and unique.
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We have also recommended a mechanism that redirects the readers back to the home page after they finish reading an article. It is an innovative approach to give the users a next piece of content and keep them on for longer, especially when they come here from a social media page.

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We designed a solution that enables the users to come back to an article reading in the same place where they stopped.
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Conclusions finally became an visually independent online portal with its own distinctive image. It appeals to ambitious women that look for high-quality content served with a stylish, attractive, and pleasant to read layout.

We made the brand fit for the modern online trends and we hope it will make the readers fall in love with it so much that they will come back daily.


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