Shopper Marketing

Consumer or shopper? Are they even the same person? And what if they are not? Who should our communication strategy focus on? And what about shops? At Artegence, we answer these and other crucial questions by building the right perspective. We plan, recommend and design having "shopper on our minds"!

Activations and sales support?
We get it done!

Whether online or by the shop shelf, we design and implement sales support actions in all categories. We select the most effective mechanics and solutions to meet the client's short- and long-term goals:

  • · sweepstakes and competitions,
  • · guaranteed prizes,
  • · loyalty programmes,
  • · nationwide and tailor-made,
  • · behind the gate and without one.

Point of sale communication?
We get it done!

We know where a Stork and a Leaf works better, and where a Sensomat, Wobbler, Stand or Island will do wonders. We guide the consumer from the need to buy to the checkout, the classic one and the virtual one, and even beyond. We plan, design, produce and distribute all the communication materials needed to achieve this.

Shopper Marketing

We fulfil the objectives and deliver the expected results by selecting proper, distinctive, and trend-oriented solutions – from sweepstakes and prize competitions to loyalty programmes and point-of-sale activations.

In doing so, we build sales support programmes both along the path from the manufacturer to the consumer and from the warehouse to the end user. We know how to achieve this in B2B and B2C relationships.

We undertake everything related to shopper marketing, BTL and point of sale marketing in their broadest meanings. By the time we get to the activities related to the last mile of the purchase path, we will have addressed the assumptions and goals, prepared the idea and taken care of its execution, production and organisation. Finally, we will prepare a budget summary and report on the overall activities. We get it done!

We are up to speed with the regulations and create terms and conditions ourselves. We offer cooperation models, tools and opportunities in every category: for small and for large partners, always tailor-made – and it doesn't matter if it's a local action or a nationwide or global campaign.

Logistical support, legal tax support – in a word, sales support – are provided as well.

Most importantly, however, we know exactly where point-of-sale marketing begins. No, it is not at the point of sale! Consumers make most of their decisions in-store, hence the importance we place on merchandising. Our attractive POSM must be more eye-catching than those of our competitors. However, we know that even the most unique POS is not enough to win at the shop shelf.

Therefore, in our work, we use all available point-of-sale marketing tools, but also combine them with strategic thinking to create a specific perspective – that of the shopper.

Shopper on my mind by Artegence.

It’s a way of looking at the path to purchase, right from the very beginning of the creation of the communication strategy. Clearly showing who is the consumer and who is the shopper is of utmost importance. We define the relationship between the one and the other and diagnose the premises, which allows us to effectively convince people to buy and consume our brand. We dress these premises in creative and engaging communication tools - raising awareness at the right stage, activating where it needs to be activated and breaking down barriers, including those to entry. As a result, such approach makes it possible to meet, and often even exceed, the sales targets set.

We get it done!

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