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PKO Bank Polski helps the Poles wish themselves Merry Christmas

Bank Dobrych Życzeń (The Bank of Good Wishes) was a part of PKO Bank Polski’s Christmas campaign of its cash loan – “Mini Ratka na spełnienie życzeń” (Mini Rate to make wishes come true). It gave everyone a chance to wish their closest ones Merry Christmas! in the national television.
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What was the background?

It’s not that easy anymore to surprise someone with creative Christmas wishes. We’ve already seen almost everything. PKO Bank Polski, the biggest bank in Poland, as a part of its Mini Ratka cash loan campaign, was looking for a way to allow Poles wish themselves Merry Christmas like never before.
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What was the idea?

The bank launched a tool to create video Christmas wishes. The most interesting ones were to be broadcasted on TVP1, Poland’s national TV station, during special commercial blocks. On the 17th of December, between 8:00 to 20:00, the whole commercial time was dedicated for people who took part in the activation.

How did it work?

It was quick and simple. On the campaign’s landing page you could use a special tool to create your own video or upload it from your computer’s or smartphone’s memory. What is more, camera crews visited several Polish cities to help people record their wishes in a more traditional way.
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The consumer activation was supported with commercials in the main and niche TV stations, as well as an online campaign – from traditional display formats and mailings, to social media and microinfluencers.
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During the campaign’s final day, on December 17, 2017, we also published a special ad on the front page of (one of the Poland’s biggest web portals) that encouraged the viewers to turn on TVP1 during the Bank Dobrych Życzeń commercial block.


The PKO Bank Polski’s campaign managed to help Poles send their Christmas wishes from online straight to their closets ones homes.
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