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Dalej Bliscy (Still Close)

Many of us had their lives turned upside down during the pandemic. Our hobbies had to substituted with new ones – more home-based this time. Plans we made were pushed to “sometimes later, maybe”. What we didn’t want to give up is human contact – all we had to was find new ways to stay Still Close (Dalej Bliscy).

PKO Bank Polski even closer to its clients

Although it wasn’t possible to welcome their personally as it used to, PKO Bank Polski was up and ready to offer its clients plenty of new solutions – all, of course, fully digital and remote. The purpose of these technologies was to preserve the… human touch. To maintain the closeness of bank-client – and human-human – relations while had to keep the (physical) distances between us.

To tell convincingly about PKO Bank Polski’s fantastic new technologies, we created three stories full of warmth, freedom, and happiness.

Smile can open a lot

Even a bank account. Your free time is best spent on your passions and your loved ones. That’s why an account in PKO Bank Polski can be opened by taking a selfie. Smile!


Transferring emotions

Words can send our feelings for long distances. No matter if we do so with a bank transfer. Just tell the voice assistant in the IKO banking account what you to have done… and it’s done. Even when you to say „thanks” to your mom!


Consultancy home-delivered

Need some financial advice while we have the #lockdown? Better stay home in your comfy chair and have a video call with one of the PKO Bank Polski’s finest advisors and consultants.

While everything around us changed, we were heading for yet another success. Our 360 campaign hit the right notes and showed the Poles exactly what they were looking for during this Pandemic Summer of 2020. Reasons to smiles. Solutions that make their lives easier. Also some truth about us, people – even though we have to stay further away from ourselves, we can still be close. Maybe even closer than ever?


The main spot of the campaign was seen by the audience of 28,000,000 – from which a massive 23,000,000 saw it at least three times! This alone made the Dalej Bliscy campaign the strongest bank account campaign on the TV at that time.


We also got it done in digital. Our ad formats – which we created over 100 of – were viewed over 71,000,00 times. The popularity of the main spot had also been reflected online – it was viewed over 1,400,000 times in the VOD platforms alone.

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