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PDF – The Polish Development Fund

The Polish Development Fund (PDF) is a complex organization with a broad range of services and a wide base of diverse clients. Our task was to redesign the website to best suit the organization's activities.

What did we want to achieve through the design?

We wanted every user who visits the site to realize that they can find something for themselves within the rich offer of the PDF.
We also wanted to encourage users to willingly read the organization's offer.
We wanted to improve and develop the image of the organization as a modern support for entrepreneurs.
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What did we do?

We highlighted the benefits for the user

On the new page, the user knows at a glance what they can gain from PDF.

We simplified searching for information

Products are the most visible and most highlighted part of the site. We used tools from modern e-commerce systems that guide users through the entire offer to find the right product.

Easy access to content from any device

Mobile, tablet, desktop - regardless of the device, users have full access to information.


What do the stats say? The bounce rate is 20% lower year on year. This means that the home page arouses curiosity and encourages browsing of the content. Time spent on the site increased by 10% compared to the previous year. Users who remain on the site read more content.
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