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Put It on the #PepsiTable (#StółPepsi)

How to make Pepsi seen as a perfect meal-time drink that is a perfect fit for meetings with friends and having a good time? At the same time, how to show a natural context and create intriguing high-quality video content? Meet our campaign, “Put in on the #PepsiTable”.

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Pepsi’s brand identity in digital channels is all about real people and their true passions. When creating campaigns for our client, we focus on more down-to-earth topics, because we know we are talking to young audience oversensitive to everything fake. We constantly encourage them to act and do what they love, all in line with #ForTheLoveOfIt positioning. After the "Pepsi for You" campaign (link), in which we showcased GenZ's true passions, we focused on foodie content, more akin to Millennials. We created a mini-documentary series about people who decided to forge their passion for food and cooking into something bigger.

To fully understand our concept, let's introduce the #PepsiTable first. It's a virtual place (concept and hashtag created by us, in cooperation with Media Direction for Pepsi) where friends, good food, and Pepsi all meet. It's a part of the #PepsiTable (#StółPepsi) campaign we prepared. The Table appeared in selected Polish restaurants and hosted the most creative dishes and heard the most interesting stories of restaurateurs.

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🤝 #PepsiTable is for those who are with the team. 😋 #PepsiTable is for those who are driven by taste. 😏 #PepsiTable is for those who like and know how to have fun. 🗣 #PepsiTable is for those who cannot overeat. 💯 #PepsiTable is for those who don't like restrictions. ✍️ #PepsiTable is for those who create their recipes, not only for dishes. ✍️ #PepsiTable is for those who know who to invite. 🙌 #PepsiTable is for those who bet on new tastes. 😎 #PepsiTable is for those who always cook something up. 😁 #PepsiTable is for those who live in the moment. 👐 #PepsiTable is for those who always want more.

We visited dozens of restaurants all over Poland, from which we selected the final six. Our heroes were the owners of the most interesting places on the map of Warsaw, Łódź and Katowice – Marcin Pałasz (Pałaszowanie), Marta Leśniewska (Komu Komu), Bartek Pirkel (Pumpui Thai Food), Kasper Krajewski (Ato Ramen), Kuba Faron (Żurownia) and Krzysztof Lech (Rico Tex Mex).
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This is not the end of our digital activities. The campaign was supported by a series of advertising assets on Facebook and Instagram, building the reach. We also sent Pepsi influencers to the selected restaurants, where they created posts and instastories showing them tasting the signature dishes, accompanied by Pepsi, of course. This way, they made our key message more credible: “Put it on #PepsiTable”!

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The mini docuseries format, vibrant colours, eye-catching shots, lively animations, mouth-watering food, subtle branding, and, above all, true stories told in the videos – all of this combined resulted in millions of views on YouTube and hundreds of likes in the other SoMe.

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The project was created in close cooperation with OMD Media Direction, responsible for promoting the materials and coordinating actors and influencers. The videos were produced by OTO Film production house.

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