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New approach for fitness app

Rabbit is a concept of a fitness app.The idea behind it is to motivate athletes to become interested in other sports and disciplines so they will train their whole body and avoid injuries.
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Add extra motivation to your daily training routine. Find your Rabbit among friends or community that you can compete against

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Design Elements

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Follow the rabbit

You can view useful info about Rabbits that you follow. You also get info about people following you. The app awards you points for every activity you take with a Rabbit, or as a Rabbit.
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There is a simple color system to show you what pace their other athletes have.

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Training history

The app lets you compare your every activity with your Rabbit’s latest trainings
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In your feed, you can see your friends activities. You always know how what new there is to watch. The activities are color coded so you always know what disciplines is your friend into.

Activity cards

The Rabbit app lets you see all the basic statistics from the dashboard screen.

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In the statistics app you can see how much time you spend on each of the activities. You can check all of your disciplines on one screen

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