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Credits are our cup of tea

For 10 people who dream about their own apartment, nobody dreams about procedures for obtaining a mortgage. Everyone has other things on their minds. Some need an apartment to start a life with their loved ones, to move out from their parents... Each client-hero of our campaign has his own fairy tale. And the credits? They are Expander's cup of tea.
Project asset
Project asset

There are as many stories
as people with more fairy tales in them
than one might think.

The four stories we have told with Expander illustrate various dilemmas related to obtaining a mortgage or searching for the dream apartment. Firstly, the hero appears in Expander's office, and in the next video he enjoys his own space.

Project asset

This young lady fell behind her sisters.

She ran around the banks for a mortgage, but there were so many meetings that she only managed to lose her shoe. How Expander helped?


It is not easy to be the mother of seven little dwarfs.

With them, the needs grow, and the time comes for a larger house. And fast! Expander understands it perfectly.


One day you must finally grow up and move out of your parents.

For such clients, comprehensive expert support is priceless.


When the Beast falls in love with his Beauty…

Nothing will stop him from fulfilling her dreams. Our expert understands the seriousness of the situation very well.


Fairy-tale digital campaign

As part of the campaign, four 15-second stories were created with our heroes telling Expander about their needs in their specific manner. We presented the happy endings of these stories in 6-second bumper ads. We have also adapted the creations for comfortable viewing on mobile.


Our story was heard almost everywhere

We conducted the campaign primarily in social media, via digital media in fitness clubs and also in radio stations. The entire BTL Expander communication and Facebook brand profile (which we took care of) also underwent a fairytale metamorphosis.

Our spots on YouTube were watched by over 922K people with a high average full view rate - 52%. All creations led to the Expander website, where users spent an average of 1:42 minutes!


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