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ETX Capital receives a new tailored design

ETX Capital, world’s leading Forex trading platform, wanted to refresh its brand image to something more professional, but at the same time – still approachable and exciting.
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What was the challenge?

With one transformation, ETX Capital wanted to achieve three different business goals:

Carry out a successful user migration to the new ETX platform.

Recruit new types of players – gamers and gamblers, but also on-line investors and believers.

Become a global brand while preserving ETX’s DNA – quality, fair-play rules and high net customers.

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What was our idea?

Bring excitement to a seemingly dull world of trading, by stating the obvious – your invested capital is at risk. But that’s the whole point of it! With ETX Capital, you will become a person that is up for every challenge.

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The name’s Capital. ETX Capital.

While developing the ETX’s new brand personality, we were inspired by James Bond persona. He is willing to take the risk, but always gives you a sense of security. Brutally effective, yet elegant. A composed gentleman, but full of surprises. Someone that many men dream to be – and can become with ETX Capital.

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ETX’s new design takes the brand far away from the world of childish bookies to a world of prestige. It mostly uses colors that are associated with luxury brands: black, gold and deep blue. The key messages of communication are emphasized with unusual typography. The visuals address aspirations and dreams of the target group – becoming a special agent of trading.

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