• ESET
Our role
  • Strategy and creation
  • Campaign tests
  • Video spot adaption
  • Radio commercial


ESET is a global provider of cybersecurity solutions for computers and mobile devices. Its products have been available on the Polish market for almost 30 years already, however the brand’s recognition – spontaneous and supported alike – is surprisingly low. The fact that one of ESET’s research & development centres is located in Poland, in Cracow, has not helped.
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What was the challenge?

Other brands in the industry communicate very actively, and very effectively at that. As a result, potential customers are much more likely to recognize the other brands, not ESET. Therefore, we could not rely on the brand’s past creations. We had to create something new – something that would grab attention and stand out from the clutter.
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What were the goals?

Create an image-building campaign that would increase ESET’s recognition among SOHO+SMB entrepreneurs.

Our idea

Having your own company is a tough job – especially for one-person and small businesses. We wanted our communication to tell them that we understand their struggle. ESET will mean one problem less in their minds – cybersecurity – so they will be able to focus on what they are experts in. This is what ESET is for! (Od tego jest ESET!).
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We co-operated with K2 Media, and were responsible for creative parts of the project, meaning:

Communication strategy the creative idea – all the graphics at the campaign’s landing page and print ads move on them
Video spot adaptation for the Polish market
Writing and recording a radio ad 15”and 8”
Preparing creations for testing and then for the main campaign
The launch of the main campaign was preceded a display formats testing phase, conducted to determine which communication strategy would be the most effective. For this, we created six different creative sets – with testimonial copy or brand message, with a man or woman, with different professions (or unspecified) and various CTAs. All of them were directing to the campaign LP, contextually adapted to an entry display. The tests showed that the best performing creations had testimonial communication, with a male with an unspecified profession, and “Test for free” CTA. A video spot was published in a programmatic environment, including YouTube – rotating materials were unskippable 15 and 6 seconds, and a skippable 15 seconds in-stream. The video also appeared on Facebook.

What were the effects?

The campaigns achieved excellent results! From all of the targeting tactics, the best performing ones were creative lines targeted using external data, like interest in antivirus software, and also segments relying on modelling users using keywords and URL-s. In the case of display campaigns, the best results were brought by lines targeted using 1st party data and keywords, and also 3rd party targeted to SMB segments.
Our campaign had precisely set RTB for every target group and testing phase that showed objectively the best communication – both in terms of copy and graphics. This lead us to meeting almost all (except SMB segment) KPIs we established in the media plan.
Fresh brand communication, accurately chosen insight and correct strategy were key ingredients to make ESET recognizable again and draw the attention of the SOHO+SMB market segment; a segment that is one the most vulnerable to modern cyberthreats.

The results of the campaign confirmed that Polish entrepreneurs really want to focus on their trade – they chose ESET, because ESET chose us. This is what Artegence is for!