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New F5 online – or how we refreshed is an online edition of F5 – the Polish magazine about lifestyle and culture. It was recognised mostly as an elite medium for Warsaw’s creatives. Until now.
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What were the challenges?


Change F5’s perception was recognised as a medium for Polish creative and design industry, with a narrow group of users. The key concept was to create a quality information service for people from all large cities in Poland.

Creating a new visual language

The old website was already showing its age. It needed a new version to align with today’s digital consumer behaviours.

Provide attractive opportunities for advertisers

It was crucial to make an unique and visually attractive space for brands – both in form of digital advertising formats and an original content marketing platform.

Classify content comprehensibly

We had to have in mind large numbers of users with different interests and hobbies.

Let’s talk about the effects

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topical and 8 local sections


excerpts exposition


Cleverness and functionality

Wide variety

of graphic forms and typography

Special mechanism

increasing traffic
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How did it work? has become a quality information portal that serves unique, and often surprising, content for users from the eight largest cities of Poland.

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