Creating dynamic, fast and efficient application UI has never been so easy!

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It was released and is still maintained by Facebook and a community of developers. It was built for single-page application development, as a view layer framework, and requires the use of additional libraries for routing, API interactions or state management.


The base entity in React is a component. One component can be used to build others, This way, you can build complicated interfaces using small, repeatable parts of code.

Fast in implementation

Fast in implementation

The development model is based on the creation of reusable components. This accelerates product launch.



React presented the use of a virtual DOM, which resulted in a huge increase in performance when manipulating UI elements of application.

the most loved framework

Based on a Stack Overflow survey, React.js is the most loved framework, meaning that thousands of developers use it - and that won’t change within the next couple of years. Community is always very important, and we can be assured about the future development and maintenance of the framework.

JSX and TypeScript

React uses a new templating system called JSX. It’s used to define and render components, in a way that can be simply manipulated by JavaScript. It also uses TypeScript instead of pure JavaScript. TypeScript enriches JavaScript with data typing. Typing allows us to better describe the data used in an application, and it affects application maintenance and development.

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