Angular is a web application framework based on Typescript language

Angular is a web application framework based on Typescript language

It’s actively developed by the Angular Team at Google and by a sizeable community of professionals and corporations. It’s used by a number of large companies including Google, Microsoft, PayPal, WMware, Samsung, Forbes, BMW and many more.

Enterprise-Scale Applications

Angular is a platform that was built from the ground up to help developers build and maintain big and complex applications. Thanks to awesome tooling and great typescript support it’s easily one of the best choices when it comes to enterprise solutions.

Support by Google

It’s very important to have good support and Angular has one of the best with Google. Not only do they actively develop Angular, but they also use in their own products.


TypeScript is a must-have in enterprise-class applications. It brings a powerful type system to JavaScript and helps to create better and more explicit code.

Speed and performance

Apps should be snappy and engaging even if they grow in size and complexity. With Angular and RxJS it’s possible to create performant code for complex functionalities with large datasets.

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