Accessibility Audit and Implementation

Web accessible for everyone, everywhere!

What’s the accessibility audit goal?

Preparation of an internet application that will cover all internet users. Each user who will be able to find information that interests him is valuable to us and more importantly, is a potential customer of our clients. Moreover, many industries are currently facing the requirement to ensure the accessibility of their websites and web applications due to the changing law. Thanks to our service, meeting this requirement is only a formality.

How accessibility implementation works?

Ensuring the accessibility of web applications is a complex process that starts at the design stage of information architecture. By going through the process of creating a graphic design and subsequent product development, it allows you to provide a fully functional, accessible to all internet applications.

This is a part of our software development process, and knowledge of the principles and techniques supporting them has been achieved through training and experience.
We rely on the WCAG 2.0 directive, we ensure the level of fulfillment of requirements at the AA level.

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